Live your dream to fullest extent possible TODAY!!

Our ultimate dreams are often greater than our current situation. This should not stop us from finding our happiness, as much as we can, with what we have and what we can do today.

My ultimate dream has always involved land, a small cabin/cottage home, beautiful gardens, and plenty of time on my property to care for the land and plants and to maintain my personal physical and mental space. I do not have all of this today and I had even less of this 10 years ago when I was post divorce, completely broke and craving a better life for me and my infant daughter.

10 years ago I lived my dream with a pot of mixed herbs on my parents' porch. Then, with a spot in the community garden with a sign I proudly made declaring "Fancy Farm" at my garden plot. I knew that for my own mental health and for the sake of living I had to do what I could. I indeed found happiness and peace and a sense of accomplishment in those early projects. They helped me to grab and hold on to parts of my beautiful dream during a very stressful time.

In the ten years since my first "Fancy Farm" garden plot, I went to college while continuing community gardening, started my bill paying career in the medical field and finally was able to buy a little piece of land a few years ago. I'm getting there. Slowly, perhaps, but with determination. The cabin or cottage is not there. I have an old trailer I hope to replace it in the next few years. The trailer gives me serious headaches with its various issues but overall it is dry and warm and safe. I often work too much away from home and can't get to the projects I meant to complete days, months or even years ago. Life takes time. I have learned to enjoy what I have today and to enjoy the process of working towards those bigger goals. I especially love sharing every accomplishment with my daughter, as we are a woman-only owned, occupied and operated household.

Join us on our blog to watch our garden grow and cycle through the year. Watch us learn, do and sometimes even struggle through projects of all types in the garden and around the house. We often try new things that no one has ever shown us how to do in person before. It can get interesting! See pictures of our adorable cats. Be with us as we enjoy the simple things in life- camping, kayaking, day trips. Join us as we live our dream to the fullest extent possible today!

I honestly hope that in sharing this blog it will inspire other people, especially single moms, that you don't have to wait forever for happiness. Grab every piece of your beautiful dream that you can. Enjoy it! Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself. Today can be beautiful!

My name is Meg.